GammaTag® - Gamma-Radiation-Resistant RFID Tags

GammaTag -Gamma Sterilizable RFID Tags
GammaTag RFID TagsThe next generation of RFID is here – GammaTag RFID tags from Verigenics. They're the first radio frequency identification tags that handle gamma radiation with no loss of data.

GammaTag provides reliable electronic data storage of single-use medical devices, bioprocess components and other parts from inception to disposal. GammaTag is available exclusively from Verigenics, a division of NewAge® Industries.

Key Features


Dimensions: 22mm in diameter; 2mm thick
Read/Write Range: up to 50mm
Power Type: passive; energized by RFID reader/writer
Gamma Radiation: upto45kGy
Chipset: Fujitsu MB89R118
Memory Capacity: 2048 bytes
User Memory Area: 2000 bytes
Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz ± 7kHz
Modulation Type: 10%ASK
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Data Retention Period: 10 years at 55°C
Data Endurance: 1010 cycles
Read Speed: 1525 ms (2048 bytes)
Write Speed: 1413 ms (2000 bytes)
Other: 8 bytes/block configuration
ISO/IEC 15693 commands full support
Reading up to 256 blocks using custom commands


GammaTag on components

GammaTag easily attaches to components such as sample and production bags, tanks, filters, manifolds, tubing and hose, storage vessels, and to complete single-use systems.


Contact your Verigenics representative today to see how GammaTag can solve your needs at:
Phone: 215-526-2180 • Toll Free Phone
(US only): 888-323-5131


PDF logo Click the link to download a printable version of our GammaTag brochure. GammaTag.pdf (596kb)




GammaTag Applications

GammaTag on Hose

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NewAge Industries' AdvantaPure high purity division specialize in platinum-cured silicone tubing, biopharm grade TPE, process hoses, and molded components such as, molded manifolds and container closures for single-use systems.


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